Life, As I See It!

Hello everyone.  My name is JarieLyn and I’m a 40 something wife with no children.  My life is good, but I often have an itchy foot and a restless spirit. I daydream too much, hence the title of this blog.  I have an interest in astrology, the occult and paranormal, self-improvement and photography.  I love writing in general, but I especially love writing letters and receiving them as well. I have a fascination with the civil war, the 1940’s, vintage postcards, vintage baseball and reincarnation.

I’m on a journey of discovery and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for, but I keep improving-at least I hope so. I like journals of all types. Iam  inconsistent in writing in them and I have a dozen or so that I start, stop, start again and never finish, but it’s therapeutic, and entertaining years later when I read back through them.  I’m on an educational journery and writing is teaching me life lessons and revealing my true self, layer by layer, one page at a time. Hopefully, one day all this learning will lead to the death of my ego and the rebirth of my pure spirit.


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